Naperville Area Humane Society offers many educational opportunities for schools throughout the year. All programs can be modified to meet the needs of your classroom, or we can create one to fit your specifications. The programs and presentations are offered free of charge. To get more information on a program, or if you would like to schedule a presentation, please call Kristen, the Humane Education Manager, at (630) 420-8989 ext. 117 or send an email.

NAHS can visit the classroom to give any of the following presentations:

Barks and Bites, Grades K-6
Children account for more than half of all dog bite victims. Barks and Bites teaches children how to interact safely with animals and to avoid dangerous situations. Children will learn how to be safe around their own pets, other people's pets, and stray dogs.

Pet Packs, Grades Pre K-3
Children will learn about pet care through our fun and interactive Pet Packs. Each child is given a sack containing an item needed to care for a pet. The class discusses what the item is and why it is needed.

Awesome Animal Careers, Grades 4-6
Children will learn about different careers that involve animals, including veterinarian, groomer, dog trainer, and animal shelter careers.  Our Humane Education Manager is also available to speak to students on their "Career Days". 

Video Presentations
NAHS can visit the classroom to show a selected video and lead a discussion afterwards. Classrooms can also borrow the video as part of a Video Kit. Each kit includes the video and materials for a discussion afterwards. 

A New Friend for Life (Length: 18 minutes), Grades 3-4
Video discusses the responsibilities of pet ownership. Topics include selecting the proper pet for the family, basic pet care, and spaying and neutering.

Protecting the Web (Length: 14 minutes), Grades 5-6
Using the metaphor of a spider's web, this video helps children understand that all living things are part of the earth's ecosystem and that the choices they make in everyday life can help or hurt other living creatures. The video encourages children to become more aware of the animals around them and be responsible pet owners.

Patterns of Abuse: Exploding the Cycle (Length: 23 minutes), Grades 9-12
Video discusses the link between animal abuse and human cruelty, why some people become abusers, and what the viewer can do about it. Emphasis is placed on intervention and practical ideas and solutions.

One Last Fight: Exposing the Shame (Length: 15 minutes), Grades 9-12
Documentary that discusses the impact that dog fighting has on animals, people, and the entire community. Ways to help prevent dog fighting are discussed as well. Also included are safety tips for children if they should encounter a stray dog.

The Power of Compassion (Length: 22 minutes), Grades 9-12
Using dramatic footage, this video details the problems of overpopulation, cruelty and neglect in the pet population. Emphasis is placed on helping the viewer understand the cause of the problems and to become part of the solution. Video stresses that by teaching children to care for their pets, we can teach them to care for one another and the world.

Once again, the programs and presentations are offered free of charge. To get more information on a program, or if you would like to schedule a presentation, please call us at (630) 420-8989 ext. 117 or send us an email.