Surrender a Pet

Many pet owners find themselves in situations in which they must surrender their pets. The reasons for surrendering pets are as varied as the pets themselves. Some of the most common reasons reported to NAHS include allergies, moving, and not enough time.

Feline Personality Profile

Canine Personality Profile

If you need to surrender your pet, please contact NAHS at (630) 420-8989. As a limited admission shelter, NAHS can only accept pets as space permits. Once all spaces are filled, pets are placed on a waiting list to enter the shelter. The wait time varies depending upon the animal and the time of the year. You will be given an estimated wait time when you place your pet on the list.  When space becomes available, we will contact owners from the waiting list to schedule appointments. There is a surrender fee of $50 to help cover the costs of caring for the pet. If you would like to complete our Pet Personality Profile prior to your appointment, feel free to print the appropriate form and bring it with you to your appointment.




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