Adopt a Dog


Listed below are the dogs and puppies currently available for adoption at NAHS. New dogs and puppies are made available on Monday and Thursday evenings, so be sure to check the site often. For more information on our adoption process, click here. To read what some of our previous adopters have to say, click here.

You can see larger and additional photos by clicking on the names and pictures below and can sort the table by clicking on column headers for gender, age, breed, etc.

Name Age Breed Sex Status
Bentley 2Y 9M Terrier / Chihuahua mix Male Available

I'm a dog that needs a patient and understanding family, who is willing to work with my nervous behavior.  It takes me some time to feel safe around people, and while I don't think I'll ever be a lap dog, I do like laying down or sitting next to someone I trust.  Having someone home the majority of the day would be nice, and would probably help build some of my confidence.  I do need to be the only dog in the home but I could probably live with a cat.  Children in my new home need to be in their upper teens and have experience with dogs. 

Betsy 2Y 3M Beagle mix Female Available

I'm a friendly and outgoing girl and I'm waiting patiently for my forever family to come find me.  I like going for walks, which is good because the vet says I could use to lose a little weight. I say there's just more of me to love!  I might be okay living with another dog and could possibly live with a cat as well. Children in my new home should be at least 8 years old, and I would do best if my home did not have any shared walls, like an apartment or condo -- we beagles like to talk, you know.

Bug 2Y 0M American Pit Bull Terrier mix Female Available

Hi out there!  My name is Bug, and I'm always in the mood for a good party: the more fun and games the better, I always say. I'm a high-energy girl who's ready to meet my new high-energy family. I'm certainly an affectionate girl, but I will not be happy sitting around all day. I like to play with other dogs, but you won't find me "friending" any cats on Facebook -- get the hint? No cats for me, please. Because of my activity level and my super strength (yes, I dream of being a superhero), I think it's best if children in my new home are at least 12 years old. Ready? Let the party begin!

Candy 0Y 4M Terrier Mix Female Available

Just like my name implies, I'm sweet and people can't resist me!  Just because I'm cute though doesn't mean I can't get into trouble, I am a puppy after all!  And like all puppies, I'll need socialization, obedience training and house training.  It would be best if my new family has had experience with my breed because I'm busy busy busy!  I'll need a lot of exercise, both physical and mental, to keep everyone happy.  I might be able to live with another dog, but I can be picky about my friends.  I cannot live with cats, I'm not too sure what they are, but they don't seem to like me too much either.  Children in my new home should be familiar with dogs and how to behave around puppies.  Don't hesitate to come say hi, after all, who doesn't like a little bit of candy?

Coco 5Y 0M Schnauzer/Poodle Male Available

Info coming soon, and new photo coming after I get a hair cut this weekend!

Cubby 1Y 0M Silky Terrier Male Available

Who wants to play?  I know I do, I absolutely love toys!  As you can probably guess from my breed and age, I am a very excitable and energetic boy.  I could definitely benefit from obedience training and it would be a great bonding experience for me and my new family as well.  Because of my silky long hair I will need to be brushed and have my hair cut on a regular basis.  I prefer my dog friends to be on the smaller side, or around my size.  Between you and me, the bigger dogs scare me a little.  I could however probably live with a cat and children can be of almost any age.  Come say hi soon!

King 1Y 5M American Bulldog Mix Male Available

I'm not your typical king, I'm a cool king.  And as you can probably tell by my photos, I enjoy a good party.  I'm very friendly towards new people and I aim to please.  Do you have treats, maybe a toy?  I'd love to show you how smart I am!  I do have a lot of energy and am pretty athletic, if I say so myself, so I think I would enjoy a nice big, fenced in yard that I can play fetch in with my new family.  I also need to live in a house where I am the only pet.  You see, I need all the love and attention to myself, I am a king after all.  Children in my new home need to be a little older and have experience with dogs, preferably ones on the larger side.  So if you're looking for a regal dog to love, stop by soon.  I can't wait to meet you!

Larry 6Y 0M Chihuahua mix Male Available

If you're looking for a dog to spend a lazy afternoon with, than look no further because here I am!  While I can be a bit shy at first, I promise if you give me a few minutes I'll show you just how sweet and cuddly I can be!  I am not a super active dog and would prefer spending the day lounging on a warm bed with my human companion than running around.  My ideal home is one that is quiet and calm and where the children are a bit older and know how to act around nervous dogs.  I might be OK living with another calm dog and maybe even a cat as well.  I can't wait for you to come meet me so we can cuddle!

Layla 1Y 0M American Pit Bull Terrier Mix Female Adopted!

Info coming soon.  Please enjoy my cute photo!

Logan 0Y 4M Terrier Mix Male Adopted!

Energetic puppy here!  I really like to run around and play and will need a family willing to harness all my energy towards positive things, such as all the training I will need.  I am very social and love to be near people and make new friends!  It would be best if my new family had experience with my breed.  I might be OK with another dog in the home, but I'm too sure about cats and they seem a little unsure about me as well.  Children in my new home should be a little older and have experience with dogs because I'm still learning my manners.  If I sound like the pup you've been searching for, come on by and ask to meet me!

Louis 0Y 3M Retriever Mix Male Adopted!

All puppies require a lot of time, patience, exercise, and effort to become great adult dogs and I am no exception!  I would love for my new family to take me to formal obedience classes so I can learn new commands and continue to get all the socialization I need.  Another playful dog might be fun for me and could help teach me some manners.  I might be able to live with a cat as well.  Because of my puppy behaviors, it would be best if children were at least 5 years old.   


Pansy 5Y 0M Schnauzer/Poodle Female Adopted!

Info coming soon, and new photo coming after I get a hair cut this weekend!

Randy 4Y 0M Schnauzer mix Male Adopted!

I'm a relaxed and mellow guy just waiting for my forever home to find me.  I'm not a huge fan of toys, I would much prefer going for a long walk and then cuddling up close to watch a movie.  I'm very friendly and enjoy meeting new people, especially if they have yummy treats to give me!  However I can be picky about my dog friends and seem to prefer dogs that are either my size or smaller.  I could probably live with a cat and children in my new home can be almost any age.  Stop by the shelter soon to say hi!

Rose 5Y 0M Schnauzer/Poodle Female Available

Info coming soon, and new photo coming after I get a hair cut this weekend!

Stephie 0Y 7M Cattle Dog Mix Female Available

What a girl like me needs is a very patient family who will understand my shy and sensitive personality.  Everyone at NAHS has been very nice to me and I am slowly getting more confident in myself.  My new family will need to be dedicated to continuing this growth so that I can be my best self.  I do enjoy the company of other dogs, so long as they are not too exuberant, and would do best if there are other dogs in my new home.  I might be able to live with a cat as well.  I would really like if there was someone home the majority of the day to help give me positive social experiences.  Children need to be in their upper teens and have experience with dogs.