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Listed below are the cats currently available for adoption at NAHS. Kittens under the age of 5 months are typically not listed because they find new homes quickly. If you're interested in kittens under the age of 5 months, please call the shelter for more information. The list of available cats is updated frequently, so please check the site often. For more information our adoption process, click here. To read what some of our previous adopters have to say, click here.

You can see larger and additional photos by clicking on the names and pictures below and can sort the table by clicking on column headers for gender, age, breed, etc.

Name Age Breed Sex Status Declawed Status
Carys 1Y 3M Domestic Shorthair Female Available No

Outside of Wales I don’t suppose you meet too many cats with Welsh names, so I could be the first one you know. My name means "to love," and rhymes with Ferris. I was found as a stray walking around downtown Joliet, and to make matters worse, I had a cold. I felt awful. A really nice lady found me, but she couldn't keep me, so I came to NAHS. They gave me medicine for my cold; now I'm all better and on the prowl for me new (and hopefully last) forever home. I like to play (who doesn't), and I enjoy being petted (again, who doesn't). I can be a little a little shy and nervous a first, but I will become comfortable in a new place as long as I can do it at my own pace. I'm not too fond of my own species, and I'd really appreciate being your one and only pet!

Cece 2Y 11M Domestic Shorthair Female Available No

I'm a shy girl looking for a nice, quiet home to call my own.  I'm a little nervous about being here at the shelter, but I have my friend Schmidt here and that makes me a lot more comfortable.  Because I am more confident with him around, we do need to be adopted together.  According to my previous owner, I can be quite playful and enjoy catnip, toy mice, and balls.  If a pair of sweet and loving cats is what you're searching for, stop by and meet us soon!

Charmed & Shadow 13Y 4M Domestic Shorthair Female, Male Available Charmed, No; Shadow, All Four

We’re a pair of best friends who’ve been together almost all of our lives, and we’d like to enjoy our senior years in a calm, quite home. We’re quite shy, so a household without a lot of activity is where we’d be happiest. It would also be ideal if our new human companion(s) were home a lot so that we could get a lot of attention. The minute you start to pet either of us, we become purring machines. We do require a special lifetime prescription diet and would enjoy being the only pets in the house.

Chloe 7Y 4M Domestic Shorthair Female Adopted! Front

I know I seem very shy, but that’s because I'm still confused about how I got here. I know that a new grandchild in my family had allergies, but why did I have to leave?  I can be a shy girl, but I can also be very playful - I will even play fetch with my mousie toy.  I love to snuggle up for some quality cuddle time, or a good chin scratch, too! I have lived with other cats before, but I'm more of a "people-cat," so I would prefer not to live with any other animals. 


Cleo 8Y 6M Domestic Longhair Female Available No

You've heard of the Cat in the Hat? How about a Cat in the Box? I'm a shy girl, so I like hanging out in places where I feel safe, like boxes. I'm here because my human companion (I don't like the term Owner) had to move and was not allowed any pets were he was going. So here I am. I'm quite gentle and mellow, and I'd be happiest in a quiet, calm home. I'll need some time to adjust to a new home environment, but please give me a chance. I'll promise to do everything right. I lived with another cat in my previous home, so if you have one, I'd probably be okay with that as long as the kitty is gentle. My only other request is that you brush me at least once a week so my lovely long hair doesn't get matted.

Dreamsicle 5Y 5M Domestic Shorthair Female Available No

So you think I'm named Dreamsicle only because I'm orange? That's part of it, but the other reason is that I literally could have frozen to death. Someone put me in a box, sealed that box with tape, and put me on a street corner in Chicago… oh, did I forget to mention that is was negative 2 degrees outside? Then, through a series of fortuitous events, I ended up at NAHS. Believe me, I'm counting my blessings. I've been through a lot, so I'm a little shy and nervous around people I don't know; I just need to know that I can trust you. After I do, I'll be your constant companion. Playing with toys, watching the wildlife from a safe spot inside, and lazy days basking in sunshine are the things my dreams are made of. I can live with other gentle cats, and maybe a dog (but I've never met one, so I'm not sure). I think kids in my new home should be at least 8 years old. Can you help make my dreams come true? 

Fred 5Y 4M Domestic Shorthair Male Available No

Hmmm. I look sort of like the Phantom of the Opera guy, don’t I? I really didn't notice that until I saw my photo. My name is Fred, and I have quite a bit of energy. Do I like to jump to high places? Yes! Do I sometimes get kitty crazies which cause me to run around the room at full speed? Absolutely! Do I like to eat? Yup. I'm tons of fun in a 12-pound body. I am an FIV-positive cat, but don't let that stop you from meeting me. I can live a long, full life, just like any other cat. Yearly vet check-ups are extra important for a cat like me, just to make sure I'm as healthy as can be. Visit NAHS and ask for Fred -- that's F-R-E-D.

Kittens! 0Y 2M Domestic Shorthair Male, Female Available No

NAHS has several kittens of varying ages waiting for homes. 

For more information or to meet our kittens, please visit the shelter during our public hours.

Please note that the kitten in the photo is not available for adoption.

Lacie 6Y 10M Domestic Shorthair Female Available No

I'm a friendly girl who will be happiest with someone who has a lot of time to spend with me. I get a little stressed out when I'm home alone. My previous family said that I'm pretty needy and that I might have some separation anxiety. I like lots of different types of toys: glitter balls, feathers, toy mice, and catnip. I also like jump at those wand-type toys with a feather on the end. F-U-N! Because of my desire for a calm, quiet home, I'd be best without children (too much activity) and no other pets.

Licorice 9Y 9M Domestic Shorthair Male Available No

What's a sweet and handsome guy like me doing here?  Well I'll be honest, I'm not really sure.  I was found in a parking lot and brought to NAHS when nobody claimed me at animal control.  I like being near people and getting attention, but I can be a little shy at first.  One of the quickest ways to my heart is through treats.  Give me one (or two) and I'll be your best friend!  I seem to get along with most other cats but I'm not sure if I've ever met a dog before.  Don't wait too long to come say hi!

Lucy 6Y 6M Domestic Shorthair Female Available No

I'm a sweet girl who tends to be a little on the shy side. I used to have a nice quiet home where I felt safe, comfortable, and loved. Unfortunately, my family moved to a new and very different environment. My new home was loud, chaotic, and very stressful for me. My mom's new job took her away from me all the time, and all of a sudden I was living here at the shelter. It's a nice place, but I would love to have a loving home of my own again where I can cuddle and play with my family. I would feel most comfortable in a home without loud dogs or children; a quiet life is the life for me!   

Luna 1Y 4M Domestic Shorthair Female Available No

My name is Luna and I will love you to the moon and back! I absolutely love attention, and will happily tell you when I would like you to pet me. I can be quite chatty, so let's just say I am not shy about telling you when I want something. I get along with some cats, but much prefer the attention of my human companions. I'm not sure if I have ever met a dog, but from what I have heard, they are very loud and I'm not sure how I feel about that. If a sweet, gentle girl is what you're searching for, stop in and meet me soon!

Mamma Mia 1Y 3M Domestic Shorthair Female Available No

Until about three months ago, my life was anything but a lighthearted Broadway musical or movie. Young, stray, pregnant… all in a place where almost no one wants homeless cats. Finally I found a nice person to help me, and I was brought all the way to Naperville. WOW! My kittens and I went into a foster home, and now I'm the only one from my family who hasn't found a forever home of her own. I enjoy toys, being petted, and I don't mind picked up and carried. Sometimes I like to grab people's feet or legs (while playing), so I think children in my new home should be at least 8 years old. I would enjoy another gentle cat in my new home, but please, NO DOGS!

Rosie 13Y 3M Domestic Longhair Female Available Front

Isn't it sad when someone you love gets sick? That's what happened to me… my favorite human in the whole world got sick, and I had to come here so I could find a new home.  I'm shy, gentle, and cuddly, and I think the best type of home atmosphere for me would be calm and quiet. I do scare easily, so a lot of activity and noise are not for me. Every now and then, I do like to play with toy mice, and I don't mind it if you need to brush me. Since I have longer hair, brushing is a necessity. I know I'm an older girl, but I hope you don't let that stop you from welcoming me into your home. Please consider me!

Schmidt 8Y 1M Domestic Shorthair Male Available Front

Can we just take a moment to celebrate me? I'm a fairly confident, affectionate guy who enjoys the finer things in life. You know, things like extra soft beds, lots of toys to play with, and anything with Micheal Keaton in it. I'm still working on getting into shape, and could use your help to trim down a little. I'm very loyal to my friends, one of them being CeCe. I like her so much, that I can't go to my new home without her. And you know what they say, two cats are better than one! I can't wait for you to come meet us! #Excitement

Smash 5Y 0M Domestic Shorthair Male Available No

I love attention! I thought I’d say that before anything else because I think it’s the most important. I’ve been through a lot (more about that a little later), but it doesn’t take my any time at all to warm up and become comfortable in new surroundings. I’m particularly drawn to children. The first thing you might notice when you meet me in person is that I walk a little strangely. Why? Some of the toes on my front feet are missing or “wonky.” Why? Because someone smashed them with a hammer. Yes, you read that correctly. I’ve moved on, though, and my faith in humans remains steadfast. I am FIV positive, but don't worry--I can live a long and happy life in a nice, quiet, low-stress environment. If you would like to shower me with attention for the rest of my life, you’d make me the happiest guy around.


Sophie 8Y 4M Domestic Shorthair Female Available No

I had a nice home, a warm and loving environment, but through a series of unfortunate events, I ended up at the shelter.  It was no ones fault, but here I am.  So now I'm searching for a new forever home with a nice warm bed that I can curl up in, and maybe a big window so I can look outside.  I can be a little shy in new situations, so my new family will need to understand it might take me a while to become comfortable in the home.  I get along with some cats, but I don't think I've met a dog, but I've heard they can be loud and I think I would prefer a quiet home.  So now that you know a little about me, stop by the shelter and learn more!